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Drug Crimes

Springfield, Illinois, Drug Crimes Attorneys

Illinois and Federal Drug Crimes – Possession – Manufacturing – Distribution

The war on drugs rages on. According to the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy, the number of persons incarcerated for drug has increased more than 2000 percent since 1983. In 2002, the State of Illinois spent approximately $280 million to keep drug offenders in prison.

If you have been arrested on state or federal drug charges, you have the right to protect your rights and defend your liberties. The attorneys at Feldman, Wasser, Draper & Cox are dedicated to providing aggressive defense against charges of participating in a drug conspiracy, possession and distribution of crack, manufacturing methamphetamines, or any other drug offense.

We have a track record of success in defending clients against state or federal drug crimes. Contact our Springfield law offices today to schedule a consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Vigorous Defense Against Drug Crimes

Our defense attorneys handle cases involving drugs such as marijuana, crack, cocaine, meth, heroin, club drugs, and prescription drugs. We provide aggressive defense for people accused of any of a wide variety of drug crimes in Illinois or federal court:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Drug distribution, trafficking or importation
  • Manufacturing or cultivating drugs
  • Drug conspiracies, including gang-related crimes

We also help clients in asset forfeiture cases where their cars or other property have been seized by the government because they may have been used in the commission of a drug crime.

Dealing With the Feds

Building a defense against federal drug charges requires our attorneys to take a more aggressive approach. Federal prosecutors also have access to sophisticated resources to help them build their cases. The federal sentencing guidelines are harsh, and federal prosecutors are more likely to cherry pick the drug cases most likely to produce a conviction.

Our criminal defense attorneys are, knowledgeable, flexible and able to negotiate hard on your behalf. We work with prosecutors and probation office, such as during the preparation of the pre-sentence investigation report, to help build a case for reduced prison time.

Dealing With the State of Illinois

The sentencing guidelines are different at the state level, and we are able to do more damage control on our client's behalf.

A criminal defense lawyer at our firm is ready to protect your rights and fight for your best interests in any Illinois or federal drug offense case. Contact a defense lawyer at Feldman, Wasser, Draper & Cox right away. Visa and MasterCard payments are accepted.