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Business Valuations

Business Valuation Services in Springfield

In a divorce, all marital assets and debts are divided, including business interests. If you or your spouse owns shares in a closely held business or you have a family-owned business, an experienced family law attorney can help you determine the value of the business so you can receive a fair and equitable share in your divorce.

At the law office of Feldman, Wasser, Draper & Cox [Link to Firm Overview], we have more than 20 years of experience handling all types of complex divorce issues, including the valuation of businesses. Contact our divorce lawyers to discuss the division of property in your divorce.

Appraisals and Valuing Business Assets

Putting a price on a closely held business can be difficult. If a spouse is the owner, he or she may try to hide assets in the business or overvalue the debt. For this reason, we often work with forensic accountants, CPAs and other financial professionals to find the full value of the business.

Similar to the due diligence during the sale of a business, we look closely at the expenses, debts and assets of the business. Through a careful review of the balance sheet and other financial records, we can work to uncover any hidden assets and place a reasonable value on the family-owned business, including a family farm or the value of shares in a closely held business.

Experienced Business and Family Law Lawyers

Not only are our attorneys skilled at family law matters, we also have experience representing businesses. We have in-depth knowledge of common business practices, business operations, debts and the valuation of businesses and due diligence during a sale.

Our lawyers can provide you with the advice you need to make informed decisions about the division of property and business interests in your divorce. We can also advise you on protecting your business interests into the future through careful business succession planning.

Contact our family law firm for a confidential consultation with a skilled divorce and business valuation lawyer. MasterCard and Visa payments accepted.