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Estate Planning and Probate

Illinois Estate Planning and Probate Law Firm

Living Wills – Trusts – Guardianship – Probate Court – Power of Attorney

For many people, administering an estate is an unfamiliar situation. But it is a situation that can be made easier by consulting the skill of an experienced estate administration lawyer. Our firm focuses on estate administration in order to guide clients through this intricate area of the law. Contact our Illinois probate law firm to learn how we can assist in your situation.

For nearly 20 years, estate administration lawyers at our firm have been assisting clients with cases involving:

  • Probate and non-probate transfers through probate court
  • Guardianship legal advice and representation
  • Establishing powers of attorney
  • Agency issues

We also assist clients with probate avoidance and estate planning measures, allowing them to make their wishes known through various legal measures:

  • Preparation and drafting of wills
  • Living wills / advanced medical directives / healthcare power of attorney
  • Trusts and revocable trusts

Our firm is also ready to handle contested wills, contested estates, and all aspects of estate litigation. We are well versed in all Illinois probate laws and ready to assist you with your estate planning and estate administration legal concerns. We are happy to work with your tax planning professional.

Contact an Illinois probate laws attorney for fast, thorough legal representation from an experienced estate administration attorney. We welcome the opportunity to serve you. MasterCard and Visa payments accepted.